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More commentators + Commentary Couch
The Slime Circuit already plans to feature commentators, with the plan...
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Sub-Region Crew Battles
LA vs OC vs IE vs 818 vs SD. Who will reign supreme?
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Shop closed 3/21/2023
Vote In Candidates
The 6 players with the most votes will be invited to the Reverie. Buy...
Shop closed 3/14/2023
Originally, we set out to have a crew battle with EU vs Ultimate. Whil...
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Shop closed 2/1/2023
Redemption Rumble Fund
Help the tournament break even.
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RCS Finals Pot Bonus
Contribute to the league finals pot bonus for our North American Seaso...
Shop closed 1/24/2023
Ultimate Pre-event Showmatches
Money raised via this goal will go towards the players, with 70% going...
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Shop closed 12/28/2022
Not just one Scholarship Tournament each year, BUT 2!
Each year, we complete a goal to host another scholarship tournament a...
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Shop closed 12/19/2022
Ultimate Championship Prize Pool
Donating to this goal increases the final prize pool for Ultimate at t...
Shop closed 12/19/2022
Shop closed 12/13/2022
Resurrect Balcy
Give tithings so that Balcy may rise from the depths of hell. (also pl...
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Prizepool Bonus
Support the players and increase the prizepool! This will be distribut...

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