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Double Down Pot Bonus
Contribute to a pot bonus for our third RCS Season 7 event, where we'v...
0/2 Reward levels cleared
Ultimate Championship Prize Pool
Donating to this goal increases the final prize pool for Ultimate at t...
Alvin to Smashtoberfest
0/2 Reward levels cleared
Late Night Ballroom
Open Late night ballroom and Security Causal Set ups and BYOC Ballroom...
0/1 Reward levels cleared
With your help, we can get [Loaf]( to com...
0/5 Reward levels cleared
Help bring one of the best Sheiks in the world to Fête 2! *Goal must...
0/3 Reward levels cleared
Fly Out Luminescence
Meet this goal to get Luminescence The Hero flown out to the event!
2/7 Reward levels cleared
Team Japan
Japan comes to Double Down 2022! This goal goes towards flying out and...
0/3 Reward levels cleared
Blazin Wings of DEATH!
We order Buffalo Wild Wing's Blazin wings and eat them on stream! My b...
0/4 Reward levels cleared
Prize Pool
Prize Pool donations divided up between the top 4-5 finishers!
0/1 Reward levels cleared
Shop closed 6/23/2022
Fund Mutual Aid
Shop closed 6/21/2022
Pot Bonus
Support the players and Increase the amount of prize money for the mai...
Shop closed 6/14/2022
Vote In Candidates
The 4 players with the most votes will be invited to the Reverie. Buy...

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