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Entry Fee: Free

Player Cap: 32 players

Platform: Nintendo 64

Tournament Structure: Single elimination bracket, 4 players per match, top 2 players of each match advance

Set Length: single game per tournament set

Ties: In the event of a tie, the match will be replayed by the tied players, with the first scored kill determining the winner.

Game Settings:

  • Players: 4
  • Scenario: License to Kill
  • Level: Decided by majority vote. If votes are tied, then level selection will be left to rock-paper-scissors. The following stages cannot be selected unless decided upon by a unanimous vote: Caves, Library, Facility, Caverns
  • Game Length: 10 Minutes
  • Weapons: Pistols
  • Characters: Oddjob is banned. If multiple players wish to select the same character, they rock-paper-scissors for it.
  • Control Style: styles 1.1 through 1.4 only, unless both players in a two-player match consent to using dual-controller styles
  • Cheats: none

The following settings are to be used unless there is a unanimous vote among the players to use different options:

  • Aim: Sight ON, Auto Aim ON
  • Look Up/Down: Upright
  • Aim Control: Hold
  • Look Ahead: On
  • Ammo On-Screen: On
  • Ratio: Normal