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Entry Fee: Free

Player Cap: 16 players

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Tournament Structure: 2 players per match; bracket structure depends on # of entrants

  • 9 to 16 players - single elimination bracket
  • 6 to 8 players - double elimination bracket
  • 2 to 5 players - round robin

Character & Stage Select: One player gets to pick their character first; the other player gets to pick the first stage. Rock-paper-scissors to determine who picks character/stage, if needed. For the remaining rounds, the player who lost the previous round gets to select the stage for the next round. If a round ends in a draw, then the player who did not select the previous stage gets to select the next stage.

Pause Penalty: Pausing during a round incurs a 15-second penalty. Upon unpausing the game, the offending player must wait 15 seconds before resuming play. If the pause occurs after the offender crosses the goal line, then the offender is to give the opponent a 15-second head start in the next round.

Game Over: If a player gets a Game Over from losing all of their lives, then they forfeit the entire set, regardless of how the game itself evaluates the results. (If both players receive a Game Over on the same round, then the in-game results will stand.)

Ties: In the event that a set ends in a draw, the game decides the winner via a single round of Mean Bean Machine (Puyo Puyo).

Game Settings:

  • Items: Fixed (can be changed to Random if both players agree)
  • Match Length: 3 Rounds (may be increased for final match, time permitting)
  • Screen Layout: Non-Stretched