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Entry Fee: Free

Player Cap: 16 players

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Tournament Structure: Single elimination bracket, 4 players per match, 1 player of each match advances

Game Mode: Multiplayer Versus (LAN)

Stage Selection & Tournament Details:

The tournament stations will have a specially prepared level pack pre-loaded on them for tournament play. All of the available levels will be based on stages from various classic 2D Mario games, with the objective being to reach the goal first.

In each tournament match, the 4 participating players will each select a level for the group to play on. After all selected stages have been played once, the player with the most victories will advance to the next round. If there is a tie, then the bracket runner will randomly select a single tiebreaker stage to determine the winner.

In the early rounds of the tournament, players will only be allowed to play on the easier levels from the level pack. In the later rounds, only the more difficult levels may be selected. The bracket runner will let the players know which levels they're allowed to choose from in any given round.