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There are currently no Brackets for this event.

While this event is not affiliated with the Classic Tetris World Championship, we will be utilizing most of their rules for regional CTWC tournaments. A summary of the rules for SFGE are provided below, and you can refer to the official CTWC website for any specifics not listed here.

Entry Fee: Free

Player Cap: There is no limit on how many players may make qualifying attempts; as many will be accepted as time allows. Eight players will qualify for the Finals bracket.

Platform: NES, Tetris by Nintendo (not Tengen)

Tournament Structure: This event will be split into a Qualifying phase (Friday from event open to event close) and a Finals phase (Saturday @ noon).

Qualifying Phase: Entrants will play a solo game in Type A mode on level 9 or higher in an attempt to achieve the highest score that they can. The players with the top 8 performances in the Qualifying phase will advance to the Finals phase. Players are allowed to make as many qualifying attempts as time allows, with their single best performance determining their rank, and their second-best performance to break ties in the event that two players’ best scores is a tie. The Qualifying phase will be open for all attendees to participate at any time of their choosing on Friday until the event closes for the night. When making a qualifying attempt, you should first ensure that a member of the tournament staff is present to record your result.

Finals Phase: The top 8 performers from the Qualifying phase will be entered into a single elimination Finals bracket, seeded according to their results in the Qualifying phase. They will face-off against each other in Type A mode in pairs, with the objective of obtaining the highest score. The highest-seeded player in each pairing will decide the starting level of the first game; the loser of each game in the set gets to pick the starting level of the next game until the set is completed. All tournament games must be played on level 9 or higher. The winner of each match advances to the next round of the Finals bracket. Each match in the Finals bracket will be best 2-out-of-3 games, except for the championship match, which is best 3-out-of-5 games.