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empty bracket
There are currently no Brackets for this event.
  • Players not on the roster may not compete in the event.
  • No new players can be added to the roster after the event has started.
  • Teams require a full roster to compete in the event.
  • Teams are responsible for reporting their own match results.
  • You must wait for admins to create the lobby if your match is marked as streamed.
Game Settings
  • Default Arena: DFH Stadium
  • Team Size: 3v3
  • Bot Difficulty: No Bots
  • Region: US East
  • Joinable By: Name/Password
  • Mutators: None

Players can use another region if completely agreed upon by both teams.

  • Players are welcome to stream their own point of view of the matches.
  • Permission must be received from the other team if you wish to have someone else in the lobby to stream your games
  • Players must be 13 years of age or older to be eligible for prizing.