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Event Rules

  • Please contact @Moosebones on discord for any questions regarding this event
  • The tournament will be held on the PS1 version of the game (via PC for logistical reasons)
  • You may build your own monster either in MR2 1999 via emulator or in Monster Rancher 2 DX.
  • Any legal monsters built in DX will be ported as-is to the tournament version
  • Rental monsters will be provided for those who can't or don't want to make their own; the following purebred monsters will be available as rentals: Arrow Head, Baku, Beaclon, ColorPandora, Dragon, Durahan, Golem, Hare, Henger, Mocchi, Phoenix, Pixie, Plant, Suezo, Tiger, Worm, Zilla, Zuum
  • Emulator builds: bring a USB drive with the save file on it to the event. Physical PS1/2 memory cards will not work
  • MR2 DX: Go to "VS Mode" on the main menu and choose the save file that has your monster on it. This uploads it to the cloud.
  • You can contact @Moosebones on discord any time after March 4th to check in your monster and guarantee it will be ready come tournament time
  • You will be locked into the first monster you choose for the entire event. Multiple competitors may choose to play the same rental monster.
  • 3500 Total Stat Cap
  • Individual stats at or below 100 do not count towards the cap
  • Double Elimination
  • First to 3 wins
  • Rock Paper Scissors (or agreed upon substitute) for player 1 side
  • Metalner main breeds, Punisher, Time Noise, Ripper and Kamui are banned

Tournament Rules

Each ALL IN TOGETHER tournament will have rules set by their individual organizers. Please follow them for more details. General event rules for COMBO BREAKER 2024 can be found HERE. Good luck!