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Tournament Format
General Rules

Melee Singles Bracket starts at 7:30pm and has a $2 entry fee which should be paid in cash directly to a Tournament Organizer. Registration closes at 7:20pm. Pre-Registration is not required, but it does help with seeding and is highly encouraged.

The tournament bracket is a double elimination bracket. When a player initially loses they are sent to the losers side of the bracket. Upon a second loss players are eliminated from the tournament.

If A player shows up 15 minutes late to their designated match, they will be disqualified from the tournament.

Outside of Top 8 Format

All sets outside of top 8 are played as best of 3 matches following the melee rule set as described below.

Top 8 Format

Within top 8 sets are played as best of 5 matches following the melee rule set as described below.

Tournament Payout

Payouts percentage is based on event's attendance and will be rewarded as follows:

1-10 Entrants: 1st-- 65% 2nd-- 35%

11-31 Entrants: 1st-- 60% 2nd-- 30% 3rd-- 10%

32-47 Entrants: 1st-- 50% 2nd -- 25% 3rd -- 15% 4th -- 10%

48-63 Entrants: 1st-- 50% 2nd-- 25% 3rd-- 13% 4th-- 6% 5th-- 3% 5th-- 3%

64+ Entrants: 1st-- 45% 2nd-- 25% 3rd-- 15% 4th-- 6% 5th-- 3% 5th-- 3% 7th-- 2% 7th-- 2%

The prize pot is made up of all players' entrance fees (not the venue fees) as well as any other pot bonuses that may have been provided. Pot bonuses will be disclosed before the event starts.

Melee Rule Set
Melee Game Settings
  • Stocks: 4 stocks
  • Time Limit: 8:00 minutes
  • Items: Off
  • UCF: Enabled
  • Handicap: Off
  • Damage Ratio: 1.0
  • Pause: Off
Melee Stagelist
Neutral (Singles)
  • Battlefield
  • Yoshi’s Story
  • Dream Land
  • Pokémon Stadium (Frozen)
  • Fountain of Dreams
Counter Pick (Singles)
  • Final Destination
Melee Details

To chose the first stage of the set, players eliminate stages from the Neutral stage list until there is one stage remaining. The first player strikes the first stage. Then the next player strikes two stages. Then the first player strikes one more stage and the remaining stage is used for the first game of the set.

Counter Picking and Stage Bans
  • In a best of 3 set, after each game of the set, before counter picking, the player who won the previous game may ban one stage from the stage list. The player who had lost the previous game then chooses a counter pick stage from the remaining stage list.
  • in a best of 5 set, after each game of the set, the losing player picks a stage from the whole stage list as a counter pick.
Dave's Stupid Rule

A player may not counter pick any stage they previously won on during the set, unless agreed upon by the opponent.

Wobbling is banned

This event’s definition of wobbling is a series of moves (4+ pummel effects) by Ice Climbers from a standing grab position that infinitely lock the opponent in hit stun.


In the case of a timeout the winner will be determined by stocks and then by percentage. The exception to this is in the case of a player exceeding the ledge grab limit.

Ledge Grab Limit

A ledge grab limit of 45 will be in play for the tournament. In the case of a timeout, if a player has exceeded this limit, they will automatically lose that game.


In the case of a tie where both players either die on the same frame, or a timeout occurs and both players have the exact same stock count and percent, a 2 stock tie breaker game will be played on the same stage the tie occurred.

*For more information on Venue and Event rules click "see all rules" in the top right.