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There are currently no Brackets for this event.

Please understand that while misconduct is borderline nonexistent at our events, it is important that we, as a community, draw a clear line in the sand so that we may effectively identify, address and prevent misconduct in the future.

By checking the box, you are agreeing to the terms listed in the code of conduct below.


1.) We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any of the following behaviors.

Exhibiting unwarranted behavior (including, but not limited to the behaviors listed below) may result in expulsion from the venue with or without refund based on the head organizer's discretion.

Unwarranted Behaviors:

  • Unwarranted or nonconsensual contact with another player.
  • Any sort of bullying. Includes racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic behavior.
  • Harassment.
  • Displaying lewd or pornographic material.
  • Unwarranted or Excessive "Pop-Offs."
  • Unwarranted or Excessive Anger.
  • Violent outbursts (i.e., Throwing a controller.)
  • Excessive use of vulgar language.
  • Excessive disrespect towards volunteer staff.
  • Cheating in any way, shape or form.
  • Any activity that violates U.S. Law.

Reminder: Disciplinary action, such expulsion from the venue, is entirely left to the discretion of the Head Organizer. Behaviors that violate this code of conduct will be reported to local and statewide smash leadership, which could result in a temporary suspension, permanent local ban, or permanent statewide ban.

2.) Players are expected to play on the standardized Settings / ruleset.

  • 3 stocks

  • 7 minute time limit

  • 1.0 knock back

  • no legal items

  • no custom balance -KY standardized stage list (Anything unlisted shall remain unchanged.)

  • timeouts victories will be given to the player with the most stocks left. If both players have the same number of stocks left, victory will be given to the player with the lowest %. If both players have the same %, the victor will be determined via a 1-stock tie breaker on the last stage played.

  • Though players are expected to play with the above rules, the Gentleman's rule is in effect in this tournament. This means that as long as both players agree to change the rules, the rules can be changed for the set. (for example, if both players agree to play on a non-legal stage, that stage can be legal for that set, and that set ONLY.)

  • It is the player's responsibility to verify that they are playing on the desired settings and ruleset.

  • If a player believes the settings or ruleset is different from the intended official settings / ruleset (listed above), they may gentleman to preemptively end a match to have the rules/settings changed. However, both players MUST agree to do this. If one player does not wish to preemptively end the match, the match must be played out entirely. However, between matches, unless both players agree to gentleman to continue playing on modified rules, the settings and rules must be switch back to the standard settings / ruleset. This rule is somewhat complicated, so please feel free to approach a TO with questions pertaining to this rule.

3.) Disqualification. A player may be disqualified for exhibiting any unwarranted behavior mentioned in section 1. Below, are scenarios where a player may be disqualified.

  • Any player that is more than 5 minutes late to a match may be disqualified.
  • Any player caught using an illegal controller may be disqualified (i.e., a controller with a "turbo" button) may be disqualified.
  • Any player caught using performance enhancing substances.
  • Any player caught attempting to rig the bracket. (i.e., bribing opponents or buying victories.)

Please report any and all violations to the TO on duty, or to the head organizer of the event.