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Double Elimination Difficulty must be set to hard in the options menu  2/3 Games per Set 3/5 Games per Set in Top 6 Winner Must Pick Character First

Stage & Banning Rules: 

 Banned characters: Custom characters • Sticky • Suspect • Carmen Electra • Doc • Crow • Bubba Sparxxx • Cindy J • Xzibit • Henry Rollins • Slick Rick • Magic • Crazy Legs • Warren G • Lil Flip • Teck • Sean Paul • Dan-G • D-Mob • Mack 10 • Prodigy • Fam-Lay • Havoc • Joe Budden • Bless • Elephant Man

 Banned stages • 125th Street Station • Crow's Office • Dragon House • Red Hook Tire Factory • Gun Hill Garage

Stage Selection   1st Match starts at Club Murder. Loser picks the next stage. Players may not pick a stage they've won on previously in the set

Character Selection  After a match the loser may elect to pick first, the winner is character locked if the character they played in the previous match is was not stolen from them.

 Before a set, players may request a coin toss or rock paper scissors for first pick, if no request is made, characters are picked as normal.


Infinites on the boxing rings, on flood lights, at empty areas of the stage, and using the roll off the wall, as well as the wall redaze are banned and will result in a forfeit of that round in the set with the following exception:

All infinities are allowed to be performed for one rep then a combo ender must be performed except for the wall redaze infinite, which is never allowed.

Clarification on Wall Redaze Infinite: All wall interactions are legal, except: ending a string so your opponent is forced off the wall standing in a stunned state (the stunned state, if played out, looks like the dizzy effect on a Mortal Kombat character at a fatality screen). If a combo extension occurs, or a momentum stun occurs, this is not the wall redaze infinite.

Additionally, grabbing characters that are unsticking from the wall passively is ruled as a wall redaze infinite unless the character tech rolls off the wall.

A wall redaze also occurs when a player mistimes their strikes, allowing an opponent enough time to fully come off the wall into a wall redaze state.

Exception to Wall Redaze Infinite: A player who uses a heavy strike during a wall combo will not be disqualified if the player immediately commits to using the heavy strike in the wall combo. If a significant delay before the startup animation for the heavy strike occurs and then their opponent comes off the wall into a dizzy animation, this will be considered a Wall Redaze Infinite.

The Strike Infinite is LEGAL.

Using any grapple move that ignores the double down stun limit, i.e. chain stun grabs, are limited to one per combo except in the case of Blazin moves and a specific wall grab animation that causes an additional stun. These are not momentum stuns.

No stalling when using a heavy grab. This rule was created because it bypasses the stun system and creates for long infinites.

Definitions for FFNY Tech rules: 

A Combo Extension is caused by hitting an opponent during the startup of the wall unstick animation.

Further Clarification: Combo extensions on the wall can occur when a player attacks their opponent while they are on the wall, which then causes the opponent to either: (1) pop off the wall into an animation where they are moving back towards the wall in staggered state; (2) causes them to restick to the wall with each hit, causing enormous damage; or (3) a wall bounce occurs. Warning: Situations (1) and (3) when performed on a severely damaged opponent will cause a wall redaze if the player fails to grab or strike their opponent during the staggered state.

Wall Bounce is defined as the opponent hitting the wall in a way that staggers them and allows for their opponent to grab them.

The following is an example of a FFNY American Reset: Hitting your opponent while they are positioned on the wall, which then causes them to stand up in a neutral state is considered an FFNY American Reset. There are situations where coming off the wall in a neutral state will allow specific characters who have no gaps in a string to continue hitting the opponent. A neutral state, is a state where you have control over your character, i.e. not on the wall or dazed. This is not a wall redaze infinite and is legal.

For those curious a standard American Reset is: "When somebody accidentally drops their combo, but a follow-up attack hits the opponent anyway because they simply weren't blocking or, indeed, paying attention to the screen at all. It's kind of like a reset, but with no underlying mixup behind it, which means it should "never" work... except for the times it does."

Momentum stuns are defined as: Situations where you get additional stuns in a combo by exceeding the damage threshold.