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The format for today’s Rocket League event is: Double Elim, 3v3. Best of 3 until top 8. Best of 5 for top 8, and a Best of 7 Grands. The team from uppers in the Grand Finals has a one-game advantage and there will be no bracket reset.

Games start at 11am PST sharp; you will be DQ’d if you aren’t able to show up in time for, but due to the double elim nature of the bracket, if you are late and miss your first match, but make it for your loser’s bracket matches, you have a chance there, but only if you are able to make it before the DQ timers get to 0. Also, code of conduct: https://www.thegamingstadium.com/about-the-stadium/code-of-conduct/#:~:text=Players%20may%20not%20text%2C%20use,%2C%20integrity%2C%20and%20honest%20play. Give that a read before you play today, it’s about half a page of bullet points, super digestible.