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There are currently no Brackets for this event.

Pick the server with the lowest common ping on the North American continent. Players from out-of region can register, but will be forced to play on north-american servers.


join it pls :) https://discord.gg/VAMfrVc


The official stream takes place at https://twitch.tv/nyxiadash - Feel free to stream your POV of the event, but please use a stream delay of at LEAST sixty seconds. You are welcome to costream the event while waiting for your next matches, etc.

Bo1/3 -

The higher-seeded team drops a map, then the lower-seeded team picks one of the two remaining maps.


The higher-seeded team picks the first map, and the lower seeded team picks the second map. The third map is the last remaining one.

Map Pool

Blood Covenant, Ruins of Sarnath, Tempest Shrine - the lobby mode should be Sacrifice Tourney


After streamlabs fees, all donations on stream during the event will go to the prize pool, paid out via PayPal w/ a 70/30 split. Each player will recieve 1/4 of said pool.


Any issues, ask nyxia-, and her word has final say. If you can come to an agreement before reaching out, that is wonderful.