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There are currently no Brackets for this event.

7pm est 5 November 2020

THIS IS AN NA EVENT. Players from other regions are allowed to join, but any neutral server MUST be on NA.

players must join discord and are encouraged to coordinate their matches there https://discord.gg/VAMfrVc

if you're streaming it, throw a 60s delay or more or so help me god. if you're interested in streaming other people's matches, please reach out to nyxia-#3562 on discord :)

bo5 (Grand Finals) - higher seed pick, lower seed pick, higher seed ban, lower seed ban, higher seed pick, lower seed pick, remaining is last map

bo3 - (winners side until grands) higher seed picks 1 map, lower seed picks 1 map and bans 1 map, and higher seed picks from the remaining two

bo1 (until loser's semifinals) - higher seed bans first, then take turns banning - play the last map

maps frontier/perilous/skybreak/bioplant/kasbah 12 minutes standard rules standard physics

find a neutral server, please :)

official stream will be @ https://twitch.tv/nyxiadash

Prize pool - link tbd 60% for first 30% for second 10% for third