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Event Rules

In-game Rules: Stage hazards OFF

1-2-1 bans for game 1

3 bans, no DSR (Winner cannot go back to the stage they won on previously- unless the loser agrees to it.) for counterpicks.

Stage List:

Starter Stages

  • Battlefield

  • Small Battlefield

  • Town And City

  • Smashville

  • Pokemon Stadium 2

    Counterpick Stages

  • Kalos Pokemon League

  • Hollow Bastion

  • Final Destination

How to pick and ban stages: The stage for the first game of a set must be a starter stage. Starter stages are banned in a 1-2-1 order, with rock-paper-scissors determining who bans first. After the first game, the winner will ban three stages from the entire stage list (starters and counterpicks). The loser will then choose a stage from the entire list. Please ask a TO for any stage selection clarification.

Players can skip the stage selection process or go to any stage in game with the consent of their opponent (gentleman selection).

Tournament Rules

DePauw University, and DePauw Smash by extension, will absolutely NOT tolerate any shape or form of harassment at our events. Friendly banter and some forms of trash talk are okay- thats part of the game and is completely okay. In fact, it's expected!

However, if you make our attendees feel unwelcome by:

  • Use offensive language

  • Using equipment that isn't yours or that you aren't permitted to use

  • ANY form of physical harm

  • Any form of harassment

If you do any of the acts listed above, we as Tournament Organizers reserve the right to have you immediately DQ'ed from the event, removed from the venue, and potentially banned. We are working hard to create a safe but competitive tournament setting and hope you can abide by our rules, and have fun!

Report to the TO desk within 5 minutes of your match being called- if you fail to do so, you may be DQ'ed. If you need some time between your next set, just let a TO know and time can be made for you, no problem.

Rules for Smash Ult will be in the "event rules" tab.