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General informations

Please set the game in English preferably, otherwise in French. No other language will be allowed.
Miis must be prepared before the game starts. No changes to a Mii's equipment will be allowed once the match has started !

Rules of a game
  • Stocks: 3
  • Time Limit: 7mn
  • FS meter and spirits off
  • No handicap
  • No objects
  • No stage morph
  • No Hazards
  • Launch rate: 1.0
  • Underdog boost: off
  • Pause: off
  • Score: off

Each match is played in best-of-3 (2 wins to win), except for the winner, loser and grand finals. which will be a best-of-5.

Process of a match

A match starts with a rock-paper-scissors.
The loser announces the character he will play.
The winner then announces it. The winner bans 3 stages.
The loser then bans 5 (leaving 2 available).
The winner chooses the stage.
The players agree on music.

After a game, the winner announces his character, then the loser does the same.
The winner bans 5 stages and the loser chooses from the remaining 5.

The winner of the best-of-3 announces the score to the TO.

Stages available
  • Final Destination
  • Battlefield
  • Small Battlefield
  • Smash ville
  • Town & City
  • Northern Cave
  • Hollow Bastion
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Pokemon Kalos League
  • Yoshi’s Story