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Game Settings

Stocks: 4 Timer: 8 minutes Handicap: Off Damage Ratio: 1.0 Items: Off Pause: Off Friendly Fire: On DSR: On

All games are best of 5 matches

In the event of a timeout, there is a 45 Ledge Grab Limit. Proof of excessive ledge grabbing must be shown on the results screen. If the results screen is skipped, the LGL will not come into effect. If a player wins a timeout and exceeds the 45 LGL, they must forfeit the match.

Wobbling is banned

Excessive stalling (at TO discretion) is banned and will result in disqualification

Starter Stages: Yoshi’s Story Fountain of Dreams Battlefield Dream Land 64 Pokémon Stadium (Frozen)

Counterpick Stages: Final Destination

Winner has 0 Bans after winning last game.