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  • Ecuador

  • Brazil

  • Peru

  • Bolivia

  • Paraguay

  • Uruguay

  • Chile

  • Argentina

  • Game Version: PC/Steam

  • Rounds: 3 out of 5

  • Games: 2 out of 3 until Finals

  • Time Limit: 60 Seconds

  • Stage: Random

  • Match Procedure

    • During the first Match of a Match Set, each Player selects their character and the stage is selected at random.
    • After a Match, the winning Player (“Winner”) is “locked” to their character and is not permitted to select a new character until/unless they lose a subsequent Match.
    • All subsequent Matches are the choice of the losing Player (“Loser”) with the following options: the Loser may
      • rematch by selecting their same character and the same stage;
      • rematch by selecting their same character and a new stage of Loser’s choice;
      • or rematch by selecting a new character and a new stage selected at random.
    • The Loser may NOT rematch by selecting BOTH a new character and a new stage of Loser’s choice. If this occurs, the Match must be restarted, the new character choice is prioritized, and the Loser is “locked” to this new character choice for the restarted Match.
    • Players will restart with the Loser selecting this “locked” new character choice and the new stage is selected at random -- essentially, the above option (iii).
    • Conversely, if a Winner selects a new character, the Match must be restarted, and the Loser is “locked” to their character and stage choices. Players will restart with their appropriate “locked” characters. If the Loser’s choice for the stage was selected at random, the new stage for the new match will also be selected at random.
    • Should a Loser’s character choice be selected at “accident”, Loser is responsible to immediately let the Tournament Group know at the time of the selection, otherwise the character is subject to be recognized as the Loser’s official choice for the Match.
  • Character Customizations: Off

  • Character Preset Costumes are legal for Tournament play with the exception of the following:

    • Jack-7 Preset 3 & 4 cannot be used.
    • Gigas Preset 3 cannot be used
    • Players cannot use the same Preset. Should both Players wish to use the same Preset, they may contact a Tournament Organizer to flip a coin to determine who may use their preferred Preset Costume of choice for the duration of the Match Set.
    • If a Character Customization or one of the above listed Presets that cannot be used are used, the match is subject to not being scored. Players are responsible for immediately finishing the match with one (1) Player holding forward for the remainder of the rounds to quickly return to the lobby and restart the match. If players play the match in full regardless, Tournament Organizers will count the result as valid.