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Event Rules

  • The tournament will be held in a Group Stage followed by a 32 players Double Elimination Tournament. The first two players of each group will qualify for the Double-Elimination Tournament.

  • Matches will be played in a best of 3 format. Top 8 will be played in best of 5.

  • Bracket seedings will be done according to the CPT Global Ranking Point Leaderboard.

  • € 10,- participation fee (100% into the pot, 50/30/20% for top 3)

  • Legacy Controller Mode is banned.

  • Training Stage, Airplane Stage, Spain Stage and the Beach Stage are not tournament legal.

Tournament Rules


  • Be nice or leave. If anyone is seen threatening or intimidating other players / opponents, he will be asked to leave immediately.

  • Pausing the game will result in a match loss for the player who paused the game. This however does not apply when the “final blow” to eliminate the opponent has already been done and the animation is still running (commonly known as the “I always hit start when I play online”-reaction).

  • Turbo functions and Macro Controllers are not allowed.

  • Legacy Controller Mode is banned.

  • You must provide your own controller for games played on all systems.

  • All converters are the responsibility of the player.

  • Cronus Max Plus and Titan One converters are banned.

  • All wireless controllers other than the DualShock4 are banned.

  • DualShock4 players that don’t unpair their controller right after the match, are subject to disqualification.

  • Hardware issues are your problem. If during a match, your controller / stick stops working or is found to interfere with the gaming station so that finishing the match is not possible, your opponent may opt for a default win or request a restart of the match.

  • No Coaching during Matches played on Stage (Streamstation). Only the Players are allowed to be on Stage.

  • Not being at the station at the stated time will result in a default loss.

  • Make sure to check the timetables / listen to all announcements and be there in time. No complaining afterwards!

  • Side selection: As a general rule, players are allowed to sort out for themselves what side they want to play on before each match. If no agreement can be found, a game of rock/paper/scissors (best of 3 rounds / 1 match) will define where players will start.