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Tournament Rules

The Street Fighter 6 launch event will be played on PC, in a double elimination FT2 bracket with standard rules.

Double Elimination bracket - You must lose twice to be eliminated from the tournament.

Settings are two rounds per game, 99 seconds on the clock. Classic and Modern control schemes are both permitted.

The bracket is FT2 (first to two games) up until top 4, at which point it becomes FT3 (first to three games).

The loser of a game can choose to go back to character select and change character. The winner of a game is locked into their character.

A player may request a blind pick when choosing their character. In this occurrence, both players will tell the TO the character they are picking in private, and will then be locked into this choice for the first game.

Controllers MUST be compliant with CPT rules. These rules are available here.

You must bring your own controller and cable to connect to the PC setups. It is your responsibility to ensure no loose cables will cause issues on your set; in the event that your controller disconnects due to a faulty or loose cable, your opponent is permitted to take the round via depleting your health to zero.

If a player pauses the game, their opponent is permitted to take the round by reducing the opponent's health to zero.