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The fledgling tournaments will begin on Thursday Nights from September 28th 8:30 PM AEST with Registration Closing at 8:15 AEST and will be run fortnightly.

The requirements and frequency for fledglings may change based on community feedback however we’ve decided with the following requirements.

Fledgling Fighters will be rank locked to a Maximum Current Rank of PLATINUM 5 for your highest character with a minimum of 40 games played on ranked.

Eg. If you have a Diamond Ryu due to doing well in placement matches, but you are maining Jamie at Platinum 3, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate since Ryu is Diamond however if after 40 games the Ryu is at Platinum 3 then you will be able to participate. You also cannot enter fledglings if you have any characters that are ranked at master.

The purpose of Fledglings is to give a safe, competitive space to those who need a bit more experience or levelling up before taking on the big leagues with a focus on improvement through competition

The Rules for fledglings are as follows; Participants are ranked Rookie - Platinum 5 and are not Diamond 1 or above including Alt Characters with a minimum of 40 ranked games played.

Once you have won 3 Fledglings tournaments, you will have graduated from fledgling level tournaments.

TOs will do their best to check players to ensure there’s an even playing field, they also have the ability to graduate a participant who seems too strong for the bracket.

You will need to !sub fledglings in the ⁠bot-channel to be able to post your scores in the ⁠reporting channel.

Smurfing a Fledgling tournament will result in an instant ban from the Discord. This includes dropping your rank intentionally to enter a fledglings.

A WIRED connection is highly encouraged though it is not mandatory Any connectivity issues please contact the TO at the time for any disputes however the outcome will likely favour the wired connection.

Mid-set character swap is only allowed after losing a game. You can only change Multiple character changes are possible in a Ft3 or longer set.

Please tag the TOs with your SF6 In-game name (CFN) to register or register yourself at the given link with your CFN.

If you want to vocalise any thoughts on the rules or anything else for fledglings, please do so in the ⁠tournaments channel.

Stream will be done on twitch and vods uploaded to YouTube as always! Links to registration will also be posted closer to the start date.