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Event Rules

  • Double Elimination
  • Default settings
  • All Matches will be 3 out of 5
  • Winner must keep character
  • Loser may switch
  • Random stage select

Tournament Rules

Flynn's Arcade has a zero tolerance policy toward violence, hate crimes, threats of violence, intimidation, inappropriate contact, harassment (sexual or otherwise), and other forms of personal misconduct. Any incident or threat of violence, harassment, aggressive intimidation, or inappropriate contact of any kind will result in a minimum 1-year to lifetime attendance ban.

  • All Games will be played on default settings, unless otherwise noted below

  • All Tournament Matches are 2/3 Games unless otherwise noted under a game’s particular rulesets. Winners, Losers and Grand Finals for All games are 3/5!

  • All Games are run in Double Elimination style, Larger turnouts will be split up into Pool Play with Double Elimination Rules until a Semifinals such as top 32/16 are whittled down to Top 8 For Finals

  • All Macros available via the in-game controller configuration menu are allowed, Example- Tekken Mapping LP+RP to R1

  • Accidentally pausing the game at any time during a match may force you to forfeit the round (Solely at judge’s discretion if there is a player dispute)

  • If you choose Random Select to pick a character and win the match, you must Random Select your character again

  • You MUST provide your own controller for the events when competing. You must bring your own converters, Cronus and Chronus Max Wireless converters are BANNED.

  • If you use a PS4 Dualshock or wireless controller of any kind, be sure to disconnect or desync it after every match. Upcoming players should make sure to delete all Bluetooth devices from said console when sitting down for their upcoming match through the Console’s Settings, failure to do so will be grounds for DQ if another match is interrupted.

  • If you are entered into multiple tournaments that possibly happen at the same time, please notify your Tournament Organizer to avoid any DQs

  • Coaching is allowed with One 30 second coaching break in a set before games.

  • If you have any issues with the tournament itself or tournament play please find the Tournament Organizer