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Double Elimination Bracket Tournament

1 vs 1

Best of 3 Matches (Finals Best of 5)

Matches: Best of 3 Rounds (First to 2)

Timer: 99 Seconds

Stage Select and BGM: Random

Double-Blind character selection available upon request.

The losing player of the preceding match may change character, winner may not.

Coaching is only allowed between matches.

Ties (Double K.O.) will be replayed with the same characters and stage.

No Pausing. Pausing by either player, accidental or purposeful will result in forfeiture of that round for the player that paused. Any unidentifiable disruptions in play will result in replay of that round.

No Stalling.

Standard controllers and fight sticks only. No turbo, macro or programmable controllers.

Configure bindings before match. Only one button check per match.

No use of cheats or known glitches.