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Tournament Rules

  • Discord server nickname must display your Start.gg username and your SF6 ID. Both names being displayed is crucial for both finding your opponent and clarity for the TO. Please respect everybody’s time and make yourself easy to find. Keep in mind, to ping someone in Discord you need to type “@” followed by the first few letters of their name, then hit TAB to autocomplete.
    • If your start.gg and SF6 IDs are different please use this format “<Start.gg ID> CID: ”.
    • Type “/nick “ to change your discord server nickname.
  • You must Check In on Start.gg and be available in Discord prior to the start time of the tournament. Check In takes place 1 hour before the tournament begins. Signing up is not the same as Checking In.
  • BOTH players must report the match on Start.gg.
  • Only one console/account per entrant.
  • Only one entrant per console/account.
  • WIFI IS NOT ALLOWED. Your console/PC must have a wired internet connection in order to compete.
  • Players are prohibited from using macros, turbos, or any peripheral which tampers with standard game functionality. No bots.
  • DO NOT compete in any rounds until the TO has called for those rounds to start. FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THESE RULES CAN RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to enter this tournament?

This tournament is available to everyone in North America & EU. There are no rank or region locks. There are no connection tests to perform either, for now.

What do I do if my opponent and I are having an unplayable connection?

Contact your TO immediately. Do not play anymore of the set. We will take speed tests from both competitors for future use. As of now, we are not DQing competitors for poor connections unless a player has a consistent issue with multiple opponents. We cannot yet set a maximum allowed ping for competing until we’ve collected more data. Honestly, we’re hoping that we won’t have to set a maximum allowed ping.

As of now, you will be asked to play out the match unless one of the competitors has had connection issues with multiple players.

What do we do when a disconnect happens?

All games and rounds prior to the disconnect still count. If the disconnect occurs on round 2 or 3 of a game, players will recreate the round wins (via timeouts) before the disconnect occurred. If possible, try to recreate the state of the Super Meters at the beginning of the round where the disconnect occurred.