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Event Rules

Mortal Kombat 1
  • Tournament format is Double Elimination and all sets are best 3 out of 5 games *Round timer will be set to default
  • Winner of a match cannot change characters or Kameos
  • Loser of a match can change characters and/or Kameos
  • The stage is to always be set as random. If Both Players agree to not play on a stage, then a re randomized select or an agreed upon map may be played on.

Tournament Rules

General Rules
  • Discord is MANDATORY for easier communication, please be sure to join!

  • If you are running late please notify the TOs via Discord or Email so that we may try to accommodate you!

  • Extreme bad mouthing is not allowed. If the offending player is found to have insulted, threatened, verbally abused, or harassed another player creating an unsafe space, that player will be DQd without warning. Keep it clean!