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HyperX Arena is hosting a TEKKEN 7 tournament. Players of all skill levels are welcome to come and compete in a double-elimination bracket. If you are knocked out early, players are welcome to utilize the systems as long as it doesn't impede tournament progression to play money matches or casual matches for LAN practice. Come enjoy TEKKEN 7!

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Joining our discord is the best way to reach out to our community and tournament team. If you have any questions about the events or the HyperX Arena. Our discord is the place to be!

Where: The HyperX Arena Las Vegas
  • 3900 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89119

  • Check-In & Registration Opens: 5:00 PM
  • Check-In & Registration Closes: 6:15 PM
  • Tournament Begins: 6:30 PM


Online Registration - $10/Player At the Door Registration - $12/Player

Competition Format - Double Elimination
  • Once a player has lost twice, they will be eliminated from the tournament
    • Double-Elimination Bracket

Tournament Rules:

All pre-registered players are encouraged to complete registration at the venue before check-in closes. Any pre-registered players who do not complete registration before check-in closes will forfeit their reserved seats to players waiting on stand-by.

  • Bring your own controller highly recommended.
  • If you are invited on stage, you must use the HyperX Arena Las Vegas headsets and use the audio & video settings set by Production.

  • Game Version: PC/Steam
  • Match Settings:
    • Rounds: 3/5
    • Matches: 2/3
    • Seconds: 60
  • Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Grand Finals:
    • Rounds: 3/5
    • Matches: 3/5
    • Seconds: 60
  • Character Customizations: Off
  • Character Preset Costumes are legal for Tournament play with the exception of the following:
  • Jack-7 Preset 3 & 4 cannot be used.
  • Gigas Preset 3 cannot be used.
  • Players cannot use the same Preset. Should both Players wish to use the same Preset, they will play a Best-of-One Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who may use their preferred Preset Costume of choice for the duration of the Match Set.
  • If a Character Customization or one of the above-listed Presets that cannot be used are used, the Match is subject to not being scored. Players are responsible to immediately finish the match with one (1) Player holding forward for the remainder of the rounds to quickly return to the lobby and restart the Match.
Winner Lock Rules and Stage Select:
  • During the first Match of a Match Set, each Player selects their character and the stage is selected at random. After a Match, the winning Player (“Winner”) is “locked” to their character and is not permitted to select a new character until/unless they lose a subsequent Match.
  • All subsequent Matches are the choice of the losing Player (“Loser”) with the following choices: the Loser may
    • (a) rematch by selecting their same character and the same stage;
    • (b) rematch by selecting their same character and a new stage of Loser’s choice; or
    • (c) rematch by selecting a new character and a new stage selected at random.
  • The Loser may NOT rematch by selecting BOTH a new character and a new stage of Loser’s choice. If this occurs, the Match must be restarted, the new character choice is prioritized, and the Loser is “locked” to this new character choice for the restarted Match. Players will restart with the Loser selecting this “locked” new character choice and the new stage is selected at random.