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Event Rules

PS4, Default Settings, 3/5 rounds

All sets are 2/3 games. 3/5 games are only for Winners Finals, Losers Finals, & Grand Finals

1st Game Stage must be Random Select

Players can't switch sides once selected.

Winner Must Keep Character

Loser May Switch Character

Loser May Select A New Stage If Character Is the Same As The Last Game. If they select a new character, then Stage must be Random Select

In the event of a tied Match declared by a Double K.O. or timeout on the Game screen, the Match will not be scored and both Players will replay the tied Match with the same character selections. Loser May Switch Character

Tournament Rules

General Rules

Please pick up your trash or any trash you find.

Please be kind & respectful to all.

Clear the walk ways.

Around children or concerning adults, please keep cussing and foul mouth to a minimum.

Please report to your bracket runner if you plan on leaving the venue during or right before bracket.

Gentleman's Clause: Any stage/music may be played on as long as both players agree to it & it does not stall time.
  • Please bathe and don't be afraid to double up on deodorant. Smelling nice is a courtesy EVERYONE deserves.
  • It is hard to police everyone that may feel sick so we really need everyone’s cooperation in a comfortable event. If you’re feeling sick shortly before the event, please stay home and quarantine for the safety of all attendees. Don't hesitate to inform any JGN staff members.
  • Please listen & respect to all JGN staff. We expect all attendees to cooperate fully.
  • Players will be penalized if they are unable to follow the polices above or compelled to argue about the requirements to attend by the discretion of JGN staff.
  • Please be aware that these penalties may result in disqulification without refund, removal from the venue, and/or an attendance ban from all future JGN events. JGN staff are able to initiate these actions even after an initial warning or from a previous warning from a past JGN event.