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Delfino's Secret

Green Hill Zone

Pokémon Stadium 2




Final Destination

Fountain of Dreams

Metal Cavern

Wario Land

4 stocks

8 minutes

Double Elimination

2 bans in Best of 3 and in Best of 5. Best of 5 starts in top 8.

Modified Dave's Stupid Rule: A player who has previously won on a stage may not choose to play it again. In a Game 5 situation, the person who is choosing the stage is allowed to go back to the stage played on Game 1.

If a player pauses during gameplay, that will result in a stock loss for that player. Players may ONLY pause on the angel platform for the purposes of checking a controller malfunction. If the pause directly causes the other player to lose a stock, the pauser must take two stocks.

Stalling is banned. Stalling includes continuing infinites past 300% and holding any position where the offending player cannot be attacked. Stalling will result in a set loss for the offending player.

If a game goes to Sudden Death, the player with the highest remaining stock count is the winner. If remaining stocks are tied, the player with the lowest percentage is the winner. If percentages are also tied, a series of 1-stock, 2-minute rematches will be played, until a winner has been determined.

If a game goes to Sudden Death as the result of a suicide move, the player who initiated the move wins the game. If the game does not go to Sudden Death as a result of a suicide move, the results screen will determine the winner.