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Closed deck list

Swiss round
Time limit : 30 minutes

Time limit : None

CP (If tournament is full)
20 boosters

Rules : https://www.tcgplayer.it/download/wixoss_rule_vers_1.0.0.pdf

Diva Selection :
In Diva Selection (ディーヴァセレクション Dīva Serekushon) format, players may only play cards with the Diva Selection symbol "Diva" in the lower-right corner of the card. This includes sets released from December 2020 onward. It is the format that English edition WIXOSS is conducted in.

Main deck
A deck made up of forty cards with black backgrounds. This deck can have up to four cards of the same name. You can have up to 20 cards with Life Burst.

LRIG deck
A deck made up of up to ten non-PIECE cards with white backgrounds, and up to two PIECE cards. This deck cannot have multiple cards of the same name.

Deck’s color limitations
Main deck and LRIG deck can only contain cards of the same color as the three LRIGs you put on the field at the beginning of the game, and colorless cards. As for a card that have multiple colors, if the card contains one or more colors that do not match the color of three LRIGs, it cannot be included in your deck.

Players may include any level 0 LRIG in their LRIG deck regardless of symbol, as long as that LRIG's colors and LRIG types are exactly the same as that of a level 0 LRIG with a Diva Selection symbol. Players must use three LRIGs in Diva Selection: one center LRIG and two assist LRIGs.

Based of : https://wixoss.fandom.com/wiki/Formats

Quick start guide : https://www.tcgplayer.it/download/wixoss_quick_start_guide.pdf

Official english Beginner Guide (types de cartes, condition de victoire et règles de construction de deck) : https://www.takaratomy.co.jp/products/en.wixoss/beginner/