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There are currently no Brackets for this event.

Tourneys will be played with the BC Standard Ruleset:

This tournament will be a double elimination tournament running the standard BC rule-set.

3 stocks 7 minutes. Best of 3 until top 8. Top 8 is best of 5.

Starter Stages are:


Final Destination

Pokemon Stadium 2


Town and City

Counterpicks are :

Yoshis Story

Lylat Cruise

Kalos Pokemon League

All Omegas /Alpha variants of stages are legal except for: Dreamland GB Flatzone X Hanenbow Mario Maker Pac-Land Duck Hunt Fountain of Dreams Gamer

Game 1 Striking: P1-P2-P2-P1, P1 is winner of RPS. Winner of each game bans 2 stages