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Double Elimination Bracket Tournament

1 VS 1 – 150cc

All Characters Useable. All Karts/Bikes and Combinations Useable. Double-blind character selection available upon request. Mirror Characters Allowed.

No Smart Steering or Auto Acceleration.

Normal Items.

No Com.

No pausing.

Winner’s Bracket Tracks

  1. Bowser's Cast;e 3 (Spiny Cup)
  2. Excitebike Arena (Egg Cup)
  3. DK Mountain (Acorn Cup)
  4. Piranha Plant Cover (Acorn Cup)*
  5. Yoshi's Island (Fruit Cup)*
  6. Coconut Mall (Golden Dash Cup)*

Loser's Bracket Tracks

  1. Rosalina's Ice World (Spiny Cup)
  2. Mario Kart Stadium (Mushroom Cup)
  3. Rome Avanti (Acorn Cup)
  4. Daisy Curcuit (Acorn Cup)
  5. Moonview Highway (Feather Cup)*
  6. Madrid Drive (Golden Dash Cup)*
  7. Kalimari Desert (Turnip Cup)*

Final Round (Best of 3)

  1. Rainbow Road Wii (Spiny Cup)

Loser chooses any Rainbow Road Counter.

  • As needed