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Event Rules

Rules can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EhICphmXpWkNZZW1_BZ-SJc0YYNMQVvWce2v7pQArO8

For players who have not yet migrated their play data to A3, a card will be available with Fast/Slow enabled, combo behind arrows, and darkest screen filter.

Tournament Rules

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  • All participants are encouraged to wear masks, especially when not in a match or actively eating/drinking. Masks will be available for free if needed.
    • If Round1 chooses to mandate masks during play, players will be required to wear masks during matches. We are all old enough to know the proper way to wear a mask, and what kinds of masks are worth wearing. Any attempts to “find a loophole” will result in immediate DQ and removal from the venue.
  • All attendees are strongly encouraged to take a COVID-19 test a few days prior to attending as well as about 1 week after, regardless of the presence of symptoms. In the unlikely event of cases tied to this event, those tests could provide valuable contact tracing info.
  • In the event of positive covid cases during the event, staff reserves the right to change these rules at their discretion, including:
    • Requiring any competitors to take rapid tests in the presence of staff.
    • Requiring players who test positive or refuse to test to leave the tournament with no refund.
    • Requiring players to wear masks at all times.