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There are currently no Brackets for this event.
General Event Settings
  • Double elimination. This means you must lose twice to be eliminated.
  • The default region is US-E. This is because more players are us-e than us-w. *Players are free to choose their own region as long as both participants agree.
  • All sets will be the best of 3 until top 32 where they become best of 5.
In-Game Settings
  • You can automatically set all the correct lobby settings by clicking the "Lobby" tab in settings and selecting the Tournament 1v1 or 2v2 button based on the tournament type.

Every 1v1 game must be created with these Game Rules:

  • Game Mode: Stock
  • Teams: Off
  • Lives: 3
  • Match Time: 8:00
  • Gadgets: Off
  • Test Features: Off
  • Map Set: Tournament 1v1s

Every lobby must have these settings:

  • Region: US-East
  • Clanmates: Off
  • Room Number: On
  • Room Type: Custom
  • Max Players: 4 (2v2), 2 (1v1)
  • Map Choosing: Tournament Striking
  • Blind Pick: Off

Questions or issues? Feel free to contact us in our support discord. You can also contact the Help Center on smash.gg at https://help.smash.gg/en/