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There are currently no Brackets for this event.
Tournament Information
  • Region: EU Players Only
  • Player Count: 24 Max
  • Platform: PC Only

Format Rules
  • If a tournament has 5 or fewer players, the tournament will be played using the round-robin format. Every player will play each other player once in a Best of 3 set, with the play securing the most set wins on the night being crowned the tournament winner.
  • If a tournament has 6 or more players, the tournament will be played using the double elimination format. All tournament sets will be Best of 3 until Top 4, at which point they will become Best of 5.

Set Rules
  • Mode: Stock
  • Stock: 4
  • Time Limit: 8:00
  • Teams: Off
  • Critical KOs: Off
  • Friendly Fire: Off

Stage List
  • Irken Armada Invasion
  • Rooftop Rumble
  • Harmonic Convergence
  • Royal Woods Cemetery
  • Tremorton Joyride
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Miracle City Volcano
  • Technodrome Takedown
  • Jellyfish Fields

General Rules
  • There is a 10 minute check-in timer for each set. Missing this window will result in a DQ from the set.
  • Stalling or making the game unplayable in any way for a notable period of time is banned and lame.
  • If there is an issue with stalling or a player not showing up, please contact the TO.