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Event Rules

Orcus SSBU Tournament Rules

  1. The venue fee must be payed on site before the tournament games begin.
  2. If you come too late (>15min) to the tournament or a match, you will be disqualified. For notified and justified tardiness the procedure will be decided by the TO.
  3. Bring your own controller (and it's extras) if you don't want to play with Joy-Cons.
  4. Unused tournament game stations (setups) can be used for friendly matches as soon as a host allowed it.
  5. Bring your own Switch with you. We are happy about every Dockin Station as well, to have more Friendly Stations.

We are using the Mirakuru ruleset, since most swiss tournaments use it. The complete ruleset can be found here.


  • 1 vs. 1
  • Best of 3 (Final matches: Best of 5)
  • 3 stocks per game
  • 7 min per game
  • No items
  • Pause: Off
  • Stage hazards: Off
  • The winner of a match is obligated to report the results to an administrator


The rules were written on base of the SwissSmash Rules and the Mirakuru Rules.

Tournament Rules

Orcus Event Rules

Manabar House Rules
  1. Please respect our beloved games and equipment as well as our awesome staff & guests. Harassment & willful damage to property will not be tolerated.
  2. No smoking inside!
  3. Do not bring your own food or drink. We have snacks available as well as Domino's Pizza as our Partner. Make sure to order through us at the bar for food if you want to eat inside.
  4. Do NOT eat over the gaming rigs!
  5. The shoes off zone is exactly what it means, shoes off!
  6. Hygiene: Out of respect for your fellow players make sure to hop in to the shower every once in a while, or at least before coming to our location.
  7. Be considerate to your fellow players, and don't be salty when something doesn't go the way you planned.
  8. Just because a rule is not listed here, does not mean it doesn't exist.
  9. And if you've read all the above, remember to have fun!
Event Rules
  1. If you have registered for a tournament you have to pay the venue fee of CHF 15.-.
  2. If you want to play any game outside of the tournament and did not register for a tournament you have to pay a fee of CHF 5.-.
  3. Take care of all used hard- and software, the furnishings and other inventory. If you break something, report it to the host.
  4. Be friendly and helpful to all participants.
  5. Follow the instructions of the host and tournament organisers. A hosts word is law.
  6. Physical fights will not be tolerated. Disputes must be dealt with by playing 1 vs. 1 matches.
  7. Thieving will not be tolerated.
  8. Bring your Dock-in station with you, since we're always in need, to make more friendly stations.