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Sets begin with rock paper scissors, winner of which chooses which arm to start with. From then on, the loser of each round has arm choice for the next round.

Competitors must start each round with the wrists of their wrestling hands in a neutral position (straight). Each round will be initiated with a simple "Ready... go!" command, not a countdown in which you would be able to anticipate when to start.

You lose if your hand or wrist touches the table, if your elbow comes off of the table or crosses the center of the table, or if you start before the go command. Standing up and/or using leverage with your non-wrestling hand is allowed.

If the competitors lose their grip on each other's hands, that round is replayed. If they lose their grip twice in the same set, the current round is replayed with a strap which will remain in use for the rest of the set.

You cannot wear any hand or wrist accessories during matches nor can any clothing can be covering the elbow of your wrestling arm.