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Event Rules

Matches will be FT2 until Finals. Winners/Losers/Grand Finals will be FT3. Winner must keep character. Stages are random select. If both players agree, game can be reset to change stage. Winner must still keep character from last match. If P1 side is contested, it will be decided by Admin coin toss or players RPS.

-Game settings: Rounds: 2 out of 3 Rounds per game, 99 Seconds Time Limit, Control Type: Modern or Classic, motion blur OFF,
Input delay reduction ON

-In the event of a tied Match declared by a “Double K.O.” on the Game screen, the Match will not be scored and both Players will replay the tied Match with the same character selections and stage.

Tournament Rules

There is no outside food or drink allowed. There are snacks and beverages sold inside of Layton Gaming.

Each game has a 64 person cap. Each entrant may enter up to 4 games.

Each game has a prize payout for top4 of 60/25/10/5%

Winner of each game will receive a trophy.