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There are currently no Brackets for this event.


  • Players will be seeded according to a mixture of their In-game Ladder Ranking and their ATR, if they have one.
  • At 16 or fewer participants the players will compete in a double elimination bracket.
    • If there are more than 16 players the event shifts to a two-pool double elimination down to top-8 semi-finals single elimination.
  • Up to the finals all matches are Best of 1 (Bo1).
  • The Finals are Best of 3 (Bo3).
  • All matches must be observable and have at least a 1-minute in-game delay.
  • Maps are drafted first, then Civs.
  • Map restarts:
    • Each player has 1 restart for crashes before the 10-minute mark.
    • Each player has 1 restart per series for map generation before the 3-minute mark.
    • If any crashes happen after 10 minutes, the replay will be reviewed with the following potential outcomes:
      • If both players crash: A restart is made.
      • If the Advantaged player crashed: The player is entitled to a restart.
      • If the disadvantaged player crashed: The player is given a loss.
      • If the state of advantage is unclear: The map is deemed a draw and a new map & civilizations draft is made.