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Project+ Rules

General Rules

Melee Singles Bracket starts at 7:30pm and has a $5 entry fee which should be paid in the skate shop upon arrival. Bring the receipt to the TO to be admitted into bracket.

The tournament bracket is a double elimination bracket. When a player initially loses they are sent to the losers side of the bracket. Upon a second loss players are eliminated from the tournament.

If A player shows up 15 minutes late to their designated match, they will be disqualified from the tournament.

Outside of Top 8 Format

All sets outside of top 16 are played as best of 3 matches following the melee rule set as described below.

Top 8 Format

Within top 8 sets are played as best of 5 matches following the melee rule set as described below.

Game Settings
  • Current version of Project+
  • Stock Match (4 stocks, Stock Timer set to 8:00)
  • Items set to NONE and all item slots turned OFF
  • Debug mode must be turned OFF
  • Stock Control set to OFF
  • Damage Ratio set to 1.0
  • Team Attack set to ON
  • Input Assist set to OFF
  • Auto L-Cancel set to OFF*
  • Pause set to HOLD

If both players agree, Auto L-Cancel may be enabled for the duration of the set.

Singles Stage & Character Selection
Legal Singles Stages
  • Battlefield
  • Pokémon Stadium 2
  • Smashville
  • Green Hill Zone
  • Delfino’s Secret
  • Final Destination
  • Fountain of Dreams
  • Yoshi’s Story
  • Dreamland
  • Metal Cavern
Legal Characters

All playable characters present in the Vanilla Project+ Build are legal for tournament play, with the exception of the following characters:

  • Giga Bowser
  • Warioman
Double-Blind Character Picks

Before game one of a set, players may elect to initiate a double-blind character pick. Both players must tell a judge, in private, which characters they are selecting for game one. The judge must validate these selections before the match begins.

First Strike Procedure

Before game one of a set, players must determine who will strike the first stage. Appropriate methods for determining first strike are as follows: Best-of-one Rock-Paper-Scissors Highest Game & Watch Hammer Number Starter Stage Strikes Before game one of a set, the player who strikes first (as determined above) will strike one Starter stage. The other player then strikes two Starter stages. The player who strikes first will then select a stage from the remaining two Starter stages.

Counter-picking Procedure

Before playing subsequent games after game one, players have the option to counter-pick in the following order: (1) characters, (2) stages. The following procedure applies for best-of-three and best-of-five sets.

Character Counter-picks

The winner of the previous game will select a character to use in the next game first, followed by the loser of the previous match.

Stage Counter-picks

The winner of the previous game will strike two legal stages.* The loser of the previous game will then select from the remaining stages.

Strikes are different than bans; strikes only last for one game.

Stage Clause

A player may not counter-pick to a stage which that player has already won on during the set.