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Event Rules

Both players must choose "Random" on the character selection screen.

Tournament Rules

Stock and time are set to 3 stock and 7 minutes.

Stage List: MDVA Unified

Starter Stages:
● Pokemon Stadium 2
● Battlefield
● Town and City
● Smashville
● Kalos Pokemon League

Counterpick Stages:
● Hollow Bastion
● Final Destination
● Small Battlefield

Stage Striking: Players play a best-of-1 Rock-Paper-Scissors, and winner will strike first. Stages are struck in a 1-2-1 order. Alternatively, both players may agree to play on any starter stage first.

Stage Bans: After each Game of a Match, before selection of stages and/or characters, the player who won the previous game may ban two stages from either the starter or counterpick list. This ban does not persist throughout the Match. Modified DSR applies: A player cannot counterpick the stage that they won on most recently.

Character Picks: For Game 1, characters are chosen before stages. Characters are to be chosen at the same time. Players may choose a third party to tell character picks to if they wish to do a double blind pick. For Game 2 and on, characters are chosen after stages. The winner of the previous game chooses their character first, then the loser of the previous game counterpicks character.

Battlefield/Final Destination Variants: Both players must agree if using a different variation of Battlefield or Final Destination. If both players do not agree, the game must be played out on the default variants. 2D stages are not allowed.

If a player pauses the game mid-match, the player who paused the game must forfeit their current stock, unless a different solution is agreed upon by both players. This rule also applies to other mid-set stops, such as a controller's battery running out or becoming unplugged, halting the game.

Other Details:
● Final Smash Meter: Off
● Spirits: Off
● Damage Handicap: Off
● Stage Selection: Choice
● Items: Off and None
● First to: 1 Win
● Stage Morph: Off
● Stage Hazards: Off
● Team Attack: On
● Launch Rate: 1.0x
● Underdog Boost: Off
● Score Display: Off
● % Show Damage: Yes
● Custom Balance: Off
● Mii Fighters: All move set combinations are legal