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SW FGC Tournament 1.0: Registration Rules

Registration Deadline:

All players must complete their registration by 6:00 PM PKT on Friday, December 8th, 2023. Registration will be closed at 6:00 PM sharp and no late entries will be accepted under any circumstances. This ensures a smooth tournament flow and allows for proper bracket generation and pre-tournament communication.

Missing Information:

Registration will be considered incomplete if any required information is missing. This includes: Discord server membership Completion of the registration form Submission of Steam friend code Optional installation of Radmin VPN

In case of missing information, players will be contacted by the tournament organizers. Failure to respond and complete the registration process within the specified timeframe will result in disqualification.


There will be no exceptions to the registration deadline. This rule applies to everyone, including players with previous tournament experience, sponsors, or special requests. Maintaining a fair and consistent environment is essential for a successful tournament.


Upon successful registration, players will receive a confirmation message via Discord. This confirms their participation and eligibility to compete in the tournament.

Additional Information:

Please refer to the #tournament-announcements channel on the SW FGC Discord server for further details and updates regarding the registration process.

By registering for the SW FGC Tournament 1.0, you acknowledge and agree to abide by all tournament rules and regulations, including the registration deadline.