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A. Game Settings ● Stocks: 4 ● Time Limit: 8 minutes B. Stage List Starter Stages (Doubles) ● Yoshi’s Story ● Final Destination ● Battlefield ● Dream Land ● Pokémon Stadium (frozen) Counterpick Stages (Doubles) ● None C. Additional Rules ● Stage Striking: Players eliminate stages from the Starter/Neutral list until there is one stage remaining. The player/team without port priority strikes first. Then the other player/team strikes two stages. Then the player/team with port priority strikes one more stage and the remaining stage is used for the first game of the set. ● Stage Bans: After each game of the set, before counterpicking, the player who won the previous game may ban one stage from either the starter or counterpick list. This rule is not in effect for best of 5 sets. ● Stage Clause: A player/team may not pick any stage they previously won on during the set.