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Event Rules

3 stock
7 minutes
Items: OFF
Team Attack: ON
Equipment/Spirits: OFF
Miis: Allowed
Final Smash Meter: OFF
Stage Hazards: OFF

Stage selection:

  • Call your characters before banning and picking stages. When switching characters, tell your opponent before banning or picking stages.
  • Start your set with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner bans 3 stages from the list.
  • The loser picks 2 of the remaining stages. The winner then picks one of these two.
  • In following games, the winner of the game strikes 3 stages and the loser will pick from the remaining.
  • After the set is complete, the winner of the set will report the scores to the TO or a bracket manager.

Stage List:
Final Destination, Battlefield, Small Battlefield, Town & City, Smashville,
Hollow Bastion, Pokemon Stadium 2, Yoshi's Story, Kalos Pokemon League.

Tournament Rules

General Information
  • This tournament is BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller).

  • Permitted controllers are the Gamecube Controller, Switch Pro Controller and Switch Joycons. Joycons are not recommended due to having wireless interference issues. incompatible controllers that use adapters to connect (such as PS4 and Xbox controllers) are not permitted.

  • DO NOT leave the venue when you are due to play in bracket. Schedule for the event will be put up at least a day before the event. Please plan accordingly.