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There are currently no Brackets for this event.

This tournament will be in two stages. A Group stage, which will be done between October 18th and October 31st, and a Bracket Stage, to be offered during the 10 days of SpeedGaming Live 2021, November 5th through November 14th.

The group stage will be round robin, which means you will play all members of your group in a single race per opponent. The winner of the group will move onto the second stage of the tournament. If there are any ties for first, they will be broken by head-to-head in case of a 2 person tie, or by total time differential in the case of 3 or 4 person ties.

The bracket stage of the tournament will be a single elimination, best of three format. Runners will be expected to schedule their matches in a timely manner to allow the finals to be played on Saturday, November 12th during the evening.

All Zelda 1 Randomizer racing rules will be in effect. Runners will be asked to run on a 15 minutes (1200sec) delay. Webcams are optional for the group stage of the tournament, and will be requested for those making it to the bracket stage.