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Tekken 7 Ruleset (Singles) 24 Entry Max*

First to 2 | Double Elimination | First to 3 Finals & Grand Final

TWT Ruleset

Player Options. Prior to commencement of a Match Set, Players may exercise the following options:

Blind Pick. Players may request a method of character selection known as blind pick (“Blind Pick”) to keep their character selection secret until the first Match begins. In the Blind Pick process, the Players will each tell a Tournament Event staff member, in secret, their character selection for the first Match. Players will then select their character with the Tournament Event staff member validating their selections. If a Player purposely does not select the character they told the Tournament Organizer staff member, that Player will forfeit that single Match.

At the start of a Match Set

Players select their sides. Players may mutually agree on who sits on left and right side, corresponding to Player 1 and Player 2, respectively, at the start of a Match. Players are committed to this selection for the entirety of the Match. If Players cannot agree to a Side Selection, they will play a Best-of-Three Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who picks their side for the first Round. For all subsequent Rounds and Matches, the winner may select a side first.

Each Player selects their character and the stage is selected at random; after any single Match, the winner is "locked" into their character and they are not permitted to switch their character until or unless they lose a subsequent single Match; all single Matches are loser's choice; and the loser of any single Match may choose between rematching with the Player’s previous characters and stage, re-matching with the Player’s previous characters but with a new stage of their choice, or returning to char-acter select to choose a new character and a new randomly selected stage.

All Matches must use the following in-Game Settings:

Rounds: 3 out of 5

Time Limit: 60 seconds

Stage: Random (Required for first game of Match)

Character Customizations: Off

Character Preset Costumes are legal for Tournament use with the exception of the following: Jack-7 Preset 3 & 4 cannot be used. Gigas Preset 3 cannot be used.

Players cannot use the same Preset. Should both Players wish to use the same Preset, they will play a tie-breaker as determined by the Tournament Organizer or Tournament Event Organizer (as applicable) to determine who may use their preferred Preset Costume for the duration of the Match. If a Character Customization or one of the above listed Presets that cannot be used are used, the Match is subject to not being scored. Players are responsible for immediately finishing the Match with one (1) Play-er holding forward for the remainder of the rounds to quickly return to the lobby and restart the Match.

Draws. In the event of a tied Match declared by a Double K.O. or timeout on the Game screen, the Match will not be scored and both Players will replay the tied Match with the same character selections.

Grand Finals.

The “Grand Finals” is a Match Set series comprised of up to two (2) best-of-five Match Sets between the final two (2) Players left in a Tournament Event. In the event the Player from the Winner’s Bracket wins the first Match Set, the Grand Finals immediately ends, giving the Player from the Loser’s Bracket their second and eliminating loss, and making the Player from the Winner’s Bracket the overall winner of the Tournament Event. In the event that the Player from the Loser’s Bracket wins the first Match Set, thereby giving the Player from the Winner’s Bracket their first loss, a second best-of-five Match Set will be played. The Players may choose different characters and exercise any pre-Match Set options for this new Match Set. The Player that wins this final Match Set, thereby giving the other Player their second and eliminating loss from the Tournament Event, is declared the winner of such Tournament Event.

Missing Players. Players must be present at the call time for a Match Set. Players that are not present and ready to play within five (5) minutes of this call time are subject to Match Set forfeiture.

Match Disruptions. If a Player intentionally or accidentally causes a pause in a Match, whether by pressing the Options button or by experiencing a controller disconnection, the Player that caused the pause will forfeit the current round of the Match. If a Match disruption occurs that is out of control of the Players of the Match Set, such as action of another Player’s un-desynced controller or a Game software crash or console hardware failure making Players un-able to continue a Match, the Tournament Organizer staff member shall order the Players to restart the Match.

Coaching. Players may designate one (1) individual to be their coach during a Match Set. Players may consult with the coach for a maximum of one (1) minute in between Matches in a Match Set. Coaching while a Match is in play is not allowed and is subject to Match forfeiture. Button Binds. Sequence mapping is banned. A Player may not program functions on a controller using methods outside the basic functions of the Game, including, but not limited to, programmable and turbo controllers.