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There are currently no Brackets for this event.

Double elimination BO3 (BO5 since Top 8)
Stocks : 3
Time : 7 minutes
No item
No FS meter
No DSRv Spirit Mode OFF
Miis have to be made BEFORE the set starts

Stage selection :

Game 1
Characters are announced, RPS winner first
RPS winner bans 1 stage
RPS loser bans 2 stages
RPS winner bans 1 stage.

Game 2+ :
Previous game winner announces if they keep their character or change
Previous game winner bans 3 stages
Previous game loser picks 1 stage

Stage list :

Starters :

Final Destination
Pokémon Stadium 2
Northern Cave

Counterpicks :

Small Battlefield
Town & City
Kalos Pokemon League
Yoshi's Story