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Event Rules

Starter bans work as follows:

Both players can gentlemen to any stage as long as both players agree. Without gentlemens; either player can request rock, paper, scissors to decide who bans first, First ban can also be relinquished from one player to the other. First player will ban 1 stage; Second player bans 2 stages; First player that banned will now ban another stage; Remaining stage will be used for first game

2 Bans, modified DSR (can't pick stage last won on).

Stage list:


Final Destination, Battlefield, Pokémon Stadium 2, Smashville, Northern Cave


Town and City, Yoshi’s Story, Small Battlefield, Hallow Bastion, Kalos Pokémon League

Tournament Rules

Family Friendly Venue. Please try to keep mature language to a minimal. No smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed inside the venue; vapes are allowed. Outside food and drinks are permitted. Setups will be provided, but you are a still welcome to bring your own Nintendo Switch. Please allow one of the staff members to hook up your system.

Trash talk is allowed and sometimes encouraged, but please try to still be courteous and mindful of others and your surroundings.