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EU Ruleset

The ruleset used by the majority of European brackets.


  • Offline exclusive rules don't apply to online tournaments (obviously)

  • Best of 3 before top 8, Best of 5 during top 8

Legal Stages:

Battlefield Final Destination Town & City Pokémon Stadium 2 Smashville Small Battlefield Kalos Pokémon League Yoshi's Story Hollow Bastion

Stage Selection Clauses:
  • The starting stage is chosen by one player banning 3 stages, the other player banning 4, then the first player choosing one of the remaining two to play on.
  • Winner of the previous game will ban 3 stages.
  • Players ARE allowed to pick the last stage they won on.
  • If Hollow Bastion is chosen and one player doesn't own the stage, they must set their stage to random and have the opponent set theirs to Hollow Bastion.
  • If Hollow Bastion is chosen and neither player owns the stage, another stage must be picked.
Disqualification Worthy Offences:
  • Multi-tourney. Holding up the event is not acceptable. Being caught playing in multiple tournaments at once will have you DQ from the tournament if you're considered to be slowing the bracket down.
  • Multiple players on the same switch whilst taking part in the same event is not allowed.
  • Lag. If a player requests a lag test and it is evident that there are lag issues within the game, then the non lagging player will be given the choice to resume play or DQ their opponent.
Ban Worthy Offences:
  • Any use of modded macro inputs - this description explains how you can be caught for using these mods: https://twitter.com/sterillo_/status/1687597837432012800?s=20
  • Lying about results. Please provide proof in the form of a screenshot of the arena or smash tags if your opponent is lying about the result of your set.
  • Player to Player abuse. Players of all ages take part in this event. Abuse will not be tolerated. Plus, its a game. Don't take it that seriously.