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1.0 Procedural Rules:

  • 1.1 Match Procedure
    1. Players select their characters. Either player may elect to do a Double Blind Character Selection (see 1.3).
    2. Players use Stage Striking to decide the stage to play on (see 2.4)
    3. Players play first game of the set.
    4. The winning player may choose to change characters.
    5. The losing player may choose to change characters.
    6. Repeat steps two through five until the match is decided.
    7. Both players must report the results of their match to a Tournament Organizer (TO).
  • 1.2 Match Completion
    • Matches will be completed when a single player has won two games, in a best-of-three format. Grand Finals will be played in a best-of-five format.
  • 1.3 Double Blind Character Selection
    • Either player may request a double blind character selection. In this situation, a designated TO will be told, in secret, each player's character selections for the first round. Players will select their characters, and the TO will verify the selected characters.
  • 1.4 Pausing
    • Except in the case of an emergency, pausing is not allowed. If either player pauses the game either by pressing the START button or by disconnecting their or their opponent's controller, they must forfeit a stock. Repeat offenders may have the penalty increased at the discretion of a TO.
  • 1.5 Restarts
    • Game restarts may only be authorized by a TO unless explicitely authorized in the rules.
  • 1.6 Stalling
    • Stalling or intentionally and excessively delaying the Game or Match may result in a Game or Match forfeiture at the discretion of a TO.
  • 1.7 Sudden Death
    • If a Game goes to sudden death, the winner is determined by stocks remaining and accumulated percentage at the time the match timer hits 0:00. Sudden Death results do not count. In the case of an even tie, a 3 minute, 1-stock tiebreaker Game may be used to determine the results.
  • 1.8 Coaching
    • Players may not receive coaching (receiving advice or tips from others) during a Match. In the case of a bracket reset during Grand Finals, players may receive coaching between the Matches.
  • 1.9 Controller Disruptions
    • If a player's controller is malfunctioning during a Game, both players may agree to restart the Game. If the player with a malfunctioning controller requests a restart within 30 seconds of the game starting, a restart is required.
    • If a player is accidentally playing on an alternate control scheme, a restart may be requested up to 30 seconds after the match starts. After 30 seconds, no restarts will be permitted.
    • It is recommended that players with Bluetooth wireless controllers pair their controller to their phone between Matches to avoid accidentally interfering with other matches. If a player's controller is a repeated source of disruption, that player may be subject to disqualification at the discretion of a TO.
  • 1.10 Rule Misunderstandings / Misconfigurations
    • If a Game was played under misconfigured rules, both players may agree to replay that Game. If only one player would like to replay, they may petition the TO for a replay authorization. Game results are final after the next game has been started; no replays will be granted due to rule misconfigurations after another game has been started.
  • 1.11 Controllers
    • Any controllers are allowed, provided they do not have any 'macro' or 'turbo' functions.
  • 1.12 Final Rulings
    • If any unforseen circumstances occur, the ruling of a TO is final. The TO's reserve the right to alter or change any rules in the interest of the tournament.

2.0 Game Rules

  • 2.1 Game Settings
    • Stock: 3
    • Timer: 8:00
    • Handicap: Off
    • Team Attack: On
    • Launch Rate: 1.0x
    • Items: Off and None
    • FS Meter: Off
    • Damage Handicap: Off
    • Custom Balance: Off
    • Spirits: Off
    • Pause: Off
    • Stage Selection: Anyone
    • Stage Hazards: Off
    • Stage Morph: Off
    • Underdog Boost: Off
    • Score Display: Off
    • Show Damage: Yes
  • 2.2 Options
    • Radar: Small
    • Echo Fighters: Separate
    • Custom Balance: Off
    • Mii Fighters are permitted with any combination of specials.
    • Language: English
  • 2.3 Stage List
    • Starter Stages
      • Final Destination
      • Battlefield
      • Smashville
      • Pokemon Stadium 2
      • Town and City
    • Counterpick Stages
      • Kalos Pokemon League
      • Hollow Bastion
      • Yoshi's Story
      • Small Battlefield
  • 2.4 Stage Striking
    • Game 1: Players will play a single game of rock, paper, scissors. Stages will then be eliminated from contention in a 1-2-1 fashion, starting with the winner of the game of rock, paper, scissors. The remaining stage will be played on in the first game. Only starter stages are allowed during Game 1.
    • Other Games: The winning player from the past game will ban 2 stages from the full list of stages. The losing player from the past game will then select a stage from the remaining list of stages. Both Starter and Counterpick stages are allowed past Game 1.
    • The Stage Striking process may be bypassed by mutual agreement. Players may agree to play on any legal stage.
    • Stages can be found at 2.3
    • 2.4.1 Stage Clause
      • Players may not select to play on a stage that they have won on before in this Match.