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Tournament Configuration

Game Mode: Summoner’s Rift 5v5

Game Type: Tournament Draft

Format: 5v5 GSL Format (4 pools, double elimination, best-of-three bracket in each pool). The top 2 teams qualify to the Top 8 Playoff Bracket where the first place team in a pool will be seeded into the Upper Bracket, and the second place team will be seeded into the Lower Bracket.

Match Outcome: Best-of-3

Match Outcome: Best-of-three. The team coming from the winner side will start Grand Finals up 1-0. The team coming from the lower side will have the option of choosing a side first or map first (Choosing Team A or B).

Start Time: 1PM EST | 10AM PST

Matches will begin to be played when both teams are available up until 10 minutes after match has been created and started. If a team is not ready to play, they are in jeopardy of elimination by disqualification.

Set Length: Tournament matches will be best-of-3 including the playoff bracket. Rules below do not change between these two set formats.

Set Procedure: It is mandatory to play every game in the assigned tournament private lobby for the given round. Higher seed will create a lobby and invite the opposing team’s captain. Hosting player will lock the lobby and provide the opposing team with a password.

If you have any questions or issues, contact an admin in the TELUS Arena Discord: https://bit.ly/ArenaDiscordGG

Official Ruleset & Handbook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ifsiaa-oKM-p4YY289vfllz3CvQBmatFeKaNR6mOXe0/edit?usp=sharing

Prizes 1st. $1,500 CAD + 5 Custom Xbox Elite Controllers + 5x Custom Esports Jerseys 2nd. $500 CAD 3rd. $250 CAD