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There are currently no Brackets for this event.

You can find the full, original ruleset here.

Game Settings
  • Stock: 3
  • Time: 8 minutes
  • Tournament Mode: On
  • Tourney Best Of: 3 (in top 8, Tourney Best Of is set to 5)
  • Aether Stages: Off
  • Abyss Mode: Off
  • Knockback Scaling: 1.0
  • Turbo: Off
  • Pause: Hold


  • Merchant Port/The Swampy Estuary
  • Tower of Heaven/Aether High
  • Aetheral Gates/Frozen Gates
  • The Forest Floor
  • Julesvale


  • Fire Capital/Neo Fire Capital
  • Air Armada/Diamond Grove
  • The Rock Wall/The RoA Ring/The CEO Ring
  • Treetop Lodge
  • Blazing Hideout
  • Tempest Peak
  • Frozen Fortress
  • The Endless Abyss/The Tutorial Grid
  • The Spirit Tree
  • Troupple Pond/Pridemoor Keep
Tournament Rules
  • The first round of each phase on the winner's side will have a 7 minute DQ timer (Winners Round 1 and 2 in the first phase as well).
  • All other rounds, regardless of winner's, loser's, or phase, will have a 5 minute DQ timer.
  • Delaying or stalling bracket will lead into a disqualification. If your opponent is delaying, stalling, or hasn't shown up after the timer has completed, please call a moderator and a TO will be with you shortly.
  • If a lag test is called and the TO decides it is warranted, the TO will independently test to see who has the most unstable connection and subsequently DQ that player. If the TO finds that the connection between both players is equivalent to each other, play will continue with no DQ.
  • Top 8 and upwards will be best of 5. All other phases will be best of 3.